View the Virtual Tour of My Great-Grandfather's Attempts to Turn Sexual Energy into Electricity to Power Small Machinery Based on the Principles of Sigmund Freud and Nikola Tesla.


Denise Bibro Fine Art



































"He seduces us with humor" -Valerie Gladstone, ARTnews

"Picture it this way, If Magritte had made jukeboxes, they would look like this." -Maureen Mullarkey, City Arts Magazine

"An imaginative tour de force." -Robert Shuster,  The Village Voice

"The work is informed by a psychological awareness of civilization." -Wall Street International

"We were hooked on Jerry Meyer's new work." -Judy Berman, Flavorwire

"An extremely gifted artist"

"Rare indeed is the artwork that prompts a belly laugh." -Dylan Kerr, Artspace